Who We Are

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AvKARE is your complete and trusted healthcare distributor of Pharmaceuticals and Infection Control products. We are a family oriented organization and believe wholeheartedly that our people drive the success of our company. With these beliefs in mind, and with eyes focused always on our goal of supporting our customers, AvKARE continues to grow into the thriving company it is today.


AvKARE’s sizeable portfolio of products, available on contract and open market, are designed to supply our customers with the most diverse and cost-effective options. Contact AvKARE to source your patient-care and pharmaceutical items!

Our Valued Customers

AvKARE is proud and honored to be a trusted supplier to United States governmental entities Including:

  • Department of Defence (DoD)
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Veterans Health Affairs (VHS)
  • Indian Health Services (IHS)
  • Health & Human Services (HHS)
  • State and Local Departments
In addition to supporting our governmental agencies, AvKARE’s clientele includes commerical partners and vendors across the globe. AvKARE provides infection control products and pharmaceuticals to many commercial facilities. AvKARE strives to provide our respected commercial customers with high quality and competitively priced products.


AvKARE recognizes that to our customers, time is money! With warehouses strategicially located across the continental United States, AvKARE offers a comprehensive streamline approach to our distributation network. Providing timely delivery services to our valued customers is our promise to you.

Special Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Distributor Licenses

  • Tennessee Board of Pharmacy #0000002633
  • FDA-Registration/Labeler Codes #42291, #50268, #73190
  • DEA-Controlled Substance (2, 3, 3M, 4, 5) Distributor #RA0397908
  • Cage Code: 4QGW8
  • TINS: 20-8622803
  • DUNS: 796560394 (AvKARE)
  • DUNS: 832926666 (AvPAK)
  • FSS Ph 36F79718D0328
  • DAPA Ph SP0200-08-H-0016